Counseling Services

Explore a deeper connection with yourself

In sessions, we take a look past chapters of your life to make connections with your current life, empowering you to shift away from obstacles into a healthier lifestyle.

Meet Mariel

Hi, I’m Mariel. I’m a depth-oriented therapist. What does that mean? I can help you explore your “iceberg,” by going below the surface to discover what is going on in your inner world. What keeps you stuck in patterns and behaviors that don’t serve you? We explore your story together to find clues to help you understand core issues. We use the power of storytelling to offer insight and healing. It has been said that we must “collect the dots before we can connect the dots.” We go back so that we can move forward.

Full Story

Deeper Connection

I offer an individualized approach to therapy, which provides relief from current pain as well as offers a path to deeper healing, transformation, and life change.

If you work with me, you can expect a change in perspective. We’ll work together to visit the memories and stories of your life, and examine how those events shape your relationship with yourself. You can also expect to improve your communication, problem solving, self-care, wellness practices, and more. The goal is to get you “unstuck” and have momentum for growth and change, which leads to more hope and freedom.

What people are saying...

“Mariel has an ability to put you at ease from the first time you meet her. Her approach is straightforward, honest, and loaded with wisdom and insight. Her questions always show me that she is really listening to what I’m saying.”

- J.B.

“Mariel is a great communicator. Her presence is so calming. She takes the fear and awkwardness out of the process.”

- B.W.

“…I feel like she sees the real me, and helps me to like and understand that person.”

- T.H.

“Mariel makes me feel safe. I feel free to speak without receiving any judgement. Her insight shows deep understanding.”

- A.K.